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Gyratory sieving machines for control and production line protection

Features - High throughput capacity - Low overall height - Simple and hygienic easy to clean dimensions - Easy disassembly due to quick release - Easy screen change - Suitable for CIP - "Inline" use The Gyratory screening machines work according to the vibration principle. They are mainly used for control and protective screening as well as for the loosening of of granular dusty and powdery bulk materials. Application Wherever agglomerates and/or foreign particles have to be separated from the product. Food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. Versions The screens are available in mild steel, V2A and V4A. The sieve inserts are made of stainless steel or nylon mesh available in various mesh sizes, depending on customer requirements and product specifications. Thanks to the compact dimensions of our models GSC 450, GSC 600, GSC 900, GSC 1200, GSC 1500 the screening machines can be used anywhere to save space.

Lifting and swivelling device
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Sieve mesh
Base plate

Rotary sifter for Control and production line protection

Material is metered into the cylindrical sifting chamber by means of a feed screw which discharges into a rotating helical paddle. Centrifugal force accelerates the movement of the particles against the screen. The rotating paddles, which do not contact the screen, break up soft agglomerates and propel individual particles through the screen while rejecting hard lumps and trash. The screen is attached to its supporting basket in such a manner that it can vibrate freely. This method of suspension also gives the screen resilience which enables it to safely absorb considerable impact from tramp material Application For all processes that must prevent agglomerate and / or foreign particles from contaminating the product. The units are suitable for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and synthetic material industries. Execution The units are available in mild steel, in V2A and V4A (304 and 316 stainless steel) and in various confi gurations allows adaption of individual requirements. The sieve meshes can be supplied in SS or nylon, with different aperture sizes, to suit customer needs and product specifi cations.

Cleaning by compressed air
Front cover with hinge
Product inlet
Inspection opening
Screen frame with fabric
Coarse material outlet
Fine material outlet
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Executed projects

Gyratory sifting
Rotary sifter
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