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Vertical twin shaft mixer VTM

Cleaning device
Large maintenance doors on the side
Mixing tool
Refiner agitators with liquid addition
Tight, dead-free discharge valve

- Total amount of product in motion, no dead spaces - Low headroom - No drive elements in the mixing vessel - Mixing tools mounted free-floating - Side mounted large maintenance doors - Tight, dead-free terminating organ included - CIP-compatible mixing vessel can be equipped with heating or cooling jacket - Cutting rotors can be mounted on the side - Number and mass of filling spouts on request Versions The inner walls of the mixing vessels as well as the mixing tools are precisely ground and polished. Our VTM vertical twin-shaft mixers are available in mild steel as well as in the stainless steel variants V2A or V4A (304 and 316 L) and impress with their robust design. In addition, we also offer customized special designs that are specially tailored to the wishes of our customers and product specifications. Features - The double screw conveyor moves the mix vertically upwards without attrition - Extremely gentle mixing process - High mixing accuracy with short mixing times - Mixing quality constant, regardless of the degree of filling from 10-100%. - Minimal distance between screw belts and mixer wall prevents caking of the mixed material on the wall. Insert For mixing dry, moist and viscous bulk materials - Food - Spices - Pharma products - Chemical products - Feed

Vertical single-shaft mixer VM

Gearbox engine
Cleaning device
Large maintenance door on the side
Tight, dead-free discharge flap

The VM vertical single-shaft mixer is an ideal solution for gentle mixing of bulk materials. Thanks to the screw belt, the material to be mixed is moved vertically upwards without attrition. This results in extremely gentle mixing, ensuring high mixing accuracy with short mixing times of about 3 minutes. The mixing quality remains constant, regardless of the filling level of 10-100%. A special feature of the vertical single-shaft mixer is that the entire product volume is in motion, which means that no dead spaces are created. In addition, the number and mass of the filling spouts can be adjusted on request. The mixing vessel has no drive elements inside and the mixing tools are free-floating. Side-mounted maintenance doors allow for easy maintenance and cleaning. The VM vertical single-shaft mixer is equipped with a tight, dead-free closing element and is CIP-compatible. In addition, the mixing vessel can be equipped with a heating or cooling jacket. If required, cutting rotors can also be attached to the side. The VM vertical single-shaft mixers are available in mild steel as well as the stainless steel variants V2A and V4A and offer a robust design. Customized special designs can also be supplied on request to meet specific customer and product requirements.

Mixing principle of horizontal mixer

mixing principal of horizontal mixer.png

Horizontal mixer compared to vertical mixer
- Lower price
- Low headroom design
- For hight blend quality minimal
illing quantity required
- Longer mixing time
- Cleaning more complex, mixer
  shaft on both sides in the product
- C
onsiderably remaining product
  after e

Horizontal mixer HTM

Our horizontal mixers, both ‘U’ Trough and Round Trough, can be equipped with Ribbon or Paddle or Plough Shear agitators, depending on the application. Plough Shear agitators are typically for pasty materials, with high fat or moisture contents. Both Ribbon and Paddle agitators can be used for ‘dry’ mixing, or with upto 8-10% fat addition. ‘U’ Trough is typically used when infeed is by opening the top lids or a tipping hood (for dust extraction) is directly installed on the mixer. Round Trough mixers usually have infeed coming through a duct from above and with side cleaning hatches. Round troughs can also be used when materials are directly pneumatically conveyed into the mixer. Both ‘U’ and Round Troughs can be jacketed for heating / cooling and can be equipped with refiner agitators. Round Troughs can also be used for vacuum drying. The HTM horizontal mixer is a robust and versatile mixing solution that features precise and gentle mixing. The mixing hopper and mixing tools are carefully ground and polished to provide a long service life. The HTM is available in mild steel, V2A or V4A (304 and 316 L) and can be customized to meet the specific requirements and products of our customers.

Dust hood pivoting
Base plate
Sack tipping with sieve
Vertical column
Linear actuator
Mixer HTM100
Front door with hinges
Flush bottom valve

Horizontal mixer HTM1000

188395C_R0 Horizontal Mixer HTM1000.jpg

Executed Projects

Vertical single-shaft mixer VM
Horizontal mixer HTM
PID_R5 Schematic_HTM100[65]_edited.jpg
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