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Anutec is a specialist in mechanical process engineering for bulk materials of all kinds.
We have the expertise, many years of experience in the manufacture of machines for screening, mixing and grinding of bulk materials. Close cooperation with our partner companies, as well as engineering schools in the region are the guarantees that the latest technology is used.

The grinding machines, mills, sifters, mixers are most of the heart of a production plant. According to the importance, the machines are built robust and reliable.

 Our customers are manufacturers of food, chemical and pharmaceutical products, plant manufacturers and engineering companies.

Food: sugar, salt, spices, milk powder, cereals,  bakery products

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Sieving is a mechanical separation process for size separation of bulk materials. Sieving machines are used in processes with completely different product parameters and objectives. In the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and feed industries where Anutec operates, the machines are mainly used as control and production line protection


Mixing is a basic operation of mechanical process engineering. In the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and feed industries where Anutec is active, solids, powders and granules are mixed. What is generally required is fast, gentle, efficient and homogeneous mixing, often with the addition of liquids.


The grinding is mostly aimed at solids. Depending on the grain size of the starting materials, from 50 mm to 0.5 mm, a distinction is made between coarse crushing, fine grinding. Fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding for grain sizes from 500 µm to below 5 µm. Anutec is a specialist in impact grinding with pin and hammer mills for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and feed industries.

Test facility

We have a well-equipped testing room and are able to perform tests on the customer's products.

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